• Get your virtual meeting, training or event moving and grooving! 
  • An easy, creative, fun, stress-reliever for your teams and co-workers. You’ll be amazed how quickly this gets a smile on people’s faces! 
  • Hire FAM Jam for any length of time from 5 minutes to an hour. Book a short session as a great way to break up a training or meeting with a quick burst of fun activity… 
  • …or book a longer session for a smile-inducing session with dance and music, incorporating inspirational messaging, with topics ranging from team-building or music appreciation, to relaxation, mental health, and self care. 
  • Any number of people can attend, from 2 to… well, however many you can fit into your virtual event!


FAM Jam is an awesome way to liven up your virtual meeting, trainings and other events! This unique offering from Cody Qualls of Face Vocal Band never fails to bring smiles to your attendees, as they follow Cody’s cool dance moves to pop music. FAM Jam is a quick, easy way to get the blood pumping and enjoy each others’ company. Cody is a natural performer and MC, bringing good energy and a great sense of humor to your event, and your attendees can dance along in their own homes or offices (even switching off their camera if they’re a little shy!). Wanting a little extra? Cody can lead your team in dancing, singing, music, songwriting, fitness, inspirational talks, or even perform songs so you get to hear his amazing voice! The whole session can be completely tailored to your individual audience and needs. Your attendees are going to be talking about this for a while to come 🙂


Watch an example of FAM Jam with Cody for a virtual team meeting

Watch Cody’s TEDX Youth Talk & singing performance